Vaughn Monroe — American Musician born on October 07, 1911, died on May 21, 1973

Vaughn Wilton Monroe was an American baritone singer, trumpeter and big band leader and actor, most popular in the 1940s and 1950s. He has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; for recording and radio... (wikipedia)

If I had my choice, I'd pick a song that tells a story every time. There is a great deal of pleasure in doing the vocal on a number that you can put feeling into.
Well, we like to let down our hair and pep it up at the dances, but we keep it slower when we broadcast. We have to please everybody, and that softer music appeals to the larger amount of people. It's like eating too much cake. You have to have your steak too.
It now costs more to amuse a child than it once did to educate his father.
There are hundreds of people running around with great voices. If they would study and develop them they could become great singers.
How in the world any one weighing 185 pounds can be cute is beyond me.