W. P. Kinsella — Canadian Novelist born on May 25, 1935,

William Patrick Kinsella, OC, OBC is a Canadian novelist and short story writer, known for his novel Shoeless Joe, which was adapted into the movie Field of Dreams in 1989. His work has often concerned baseball, First Nations people, and other Canadian issues... (wikipedia)

The crack of the bat, the sound of baseballs thumping into gloves, the infield chatter are like birdsong to the baseball starved.
If I have a choice between looking something up and making it up, I'll make it up every time.
Find something that thrills you, and when you finish reading it for enjoyment, read it again line by line, paragraph by paragraph to see what you liked about it.
I have no interest in non-fiction. I don't read it and don't watch it and don't write it, other than a little journalistic column.
Baseball is meant to be a contemplative game. They play music to draw young people to the game. If young people can't come to the game without music, then they should stay home.