Wesley Schultz — American Musician born on February 18, 1983,

Wesley Keith Schultz is the guitarist and lead vocalist for the American folk rock band The Lumineers... (wikipedia)

I thought music could take you to a place where you didn't even feel ownership of it, you just felt lucky you were there. It's like church without God, or something. It's about feeling, hope and catharsis and things that are nurturing.
But the Grammys is just not something I can take too seriously. It would be a mistake to hinge my happiness on something so completely out of my control.
I think the death knell for any musician is getting a job that you like and pays enough that you just stay there forever.
The basic idea is always constructed around piano or guitar and a voice, that's what we live and die by, because if you build up from that foundation, it's going to be strong.
I've always had service-industry jobs, because those were the easiest to quit or take time off from.