Xavier Niel — French Businessman born on August 25, 1967,

Xavier Niel is a French entrepreneur and businessman, active in the telecommunications and technology industry and best known as founder and majority shareholder of the French Internet service provider and Mobile operator Iliad trading under the Free brand. He is also co-owner of the newspaper Le Monde, and co-owner of the rights of the song "My Way" and owner of Monaco Telecom. He currently acts as Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors & Chief Strategy Officer for Iliad... (wikipedia)

'Entrepreneur' is a French word.
France has the least social mobility of any developed country. The social elevator no longer works. It's broken.
In life, you need a house and a car. After that, you have a choice.
I always follow the same idea: Start small and disrupt to create something big.
If you know how to make software, then you can create big things.