Yann Tiersen — French Musician born on June 23, 1970,

Yann Tiersen is a French musician. His musical career is split between studio albums, collaborations and film soundtracks. His music involves a large variety of instruments; primarily the guitar, synthesizer or violin together with instruments like the melodica, xylophone, toy piano, harpsichord, accordion and typewriter... (wikipedia)

I want less and less control with music. Just playing music without any idea of composition or writing.
I don't compose, actually. I just record. I'm the opposite of a composer in my way of working. I'm more instinctive.
I love working and writing new songs. But sometimes you need to wait, to have something in your mind, and then you can let yourself play music.
I started making music with my band in the '80s, so I am more product of post punk than classical music, and I have always carried on this way.
I can't imagine playing a boring gig. Like, a boring audience without reaction, I will play against them.