Zhang Jindong — Chinese Businessman born on December 30, 1963,

Zhang Jindong, is a Chinese entrepreneur. He's one of the two founders and the current president of the Suning Group, headquartered in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province... (wikipedia)

Best Buy is just too Western! They do not stock enough Chinese brands, and Chinese people do not want to buy foreign brands.
Best Buy went and hired a lot of Shanghai staff, but went and westernised them. They only work eight hours a day!
Suning Appliance has no problem of financial risk. Do you think I'm risky? I'm definitely not risky.
China has the best opportunities. A domestic market with 1.3bn people will help create more Fortune 500 retailers.
When I started selling air conditioners early on, customers were willing to pay an extra 200 yuan to buy from Suning. Why? Service was good.